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A slight correction to a typo in the earlier message. The Culpeper
station still exists
and has been preserved in its original location.

On a slightly different subject, that of flag stops and the manner of
flagging the approaching train: depending upon which RR and their
particular setup, it typically
would have been some sort of pole with a flag of some sort to either
be raised or turned by a waiting passenger desiring pickup. It was
then lowered as the train stopped.


> Winston, Virginia on the old Southern mainline north of Orange used to

> have both a separate station as well as an assigned agent, but the

> last of the assigned agencies was closed during the Depression era of

> the 1930's.


> I have seen the 1918 or thereabouts Valuation era photo but do not

> have a copy, and am sure whatever there was of a depot was dismantled

> a long, long time ago.


> Every little town or 'burg, way back when used to have its own

> station, they being located maybe every 5 miles or so when a 5-mile

> trip in a wagon/horse & buggy was an all-day round-trip. As we all

> well-know, those days changed as the roads improved and internal

> combustion took over and one could travel dozens or hundreds of miles

> in a day. We think nothing of getting in our cars and driving great

> distances at a time, but there was time when it wasn't that easy --

> even a hundred years ago.


> If you really want to see a preserved older older station in the

> region, drive thru Rapidan, the old town and you'll see some neat

> stuff. The Culpeper depot has also been restored. The Rapidan station/s

> are in their original location. What moved was the railroad when it

> was straightened out and realigned thru there in the 1901-1904 period.

> You might want to post your queries on the Southern Railway yahoo

> group.


> Enjoy and I hope I have helped you a little.


> Bob Cohen


I do a lot of traveling in Orange and Culpeper Counties and have found some
wonderful railroad type sites including the restored Orange, VA station and
an old general store in Winston, VA right off the tracks which I assume are
Norfolk Southern tracks (Norfolk & Western). Is there some source that is
available to obtain more information about Winston, VA and any other
significant buildings, track, or stations in this area? I must not be looking
in the right places as I am pretty much coming up with blanks. Any help
would be greatly appreciated. Having been raised in Wytheville, I am glad
to see that the fundraising for the Rural Retreat station seems to be going
well. Have a great weekend.


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