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About flag stops:
In 1959 as a 16 year old, I rode the wb Cavalier from my home town of
Lynchburg to Pearisburg and a Saturday. I would walk across the route 460 bridge
to Celco on the Virginian where I would spend the day with the operator.
In the late afternoon, I would return to the N&W station to catch the eb
Powhatan Arrow. The first time I did that, I was horrified when I saw there
was no agent working. He had gone home at 5:00 pm, I guess. As soon as I
saw the train round the curve to the west, I started waving a red bandana
over my head. Oh, I was so relieved when the engineer flashed on the
headlight to acknowledge me. Later I realized what I had done: I had flagged the

Aubrey Wiley

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