Be on the Lookout! Stolen horns! NKP 901

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You will most likely find them on some tractor-trailer. Trucker love these
horns and have been known to steal them all the time.

Mason Cooper

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Be on the Lookout! Stolen horns! NKP 901
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Date: Mon Oct 8, 2012 12:26 pm
Attention all,
Sometime between Friday Oct 5 evening and Monday Oct 8 11am, the horns were
stolen off the roof of our GP30 NKP 901 while parked at Trader's World in
Monroe, OH. They are standard issue N&W Leslie 5-chime short trumpets, while
a relatively fresh (Oct 2011) coat of black paint. The mounting bolts had
extra bolts welded on top to prevent socket use, but apparently that wasn't
good enough. Please be on the lookout at any train shows. If they should
show up, please get a hold of me or my boss Ray Kammer. A report has been
filed with the Monroe PD. We have the serial numbers on file.

Thanks for your help.

Bryan Malone
nsounw765 at
Engineer - CNRY

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