"Roanoke Jct" as an Official Nomenclature?

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Abe & all,
The Roanoke Jct., moniker has just recently been used as a broad term to describe the station area which is about to undergo significant changes. It is more of a railfan term. It is interesting that back when some new signals were put up to replace the old N&W CPLs in the area around "Randolph St." some of the newer employees started calling signals at "Williamson Rd." instead of Randolph St. Of course, Randolph St hasn't been Randolph Street for probably 80 years. Nevertheless, the name stuck as far as railroad terminology. Also interesting, and for me refreshing, when NS started erecting signs at various "named" control points, the sign that went up at that particular place was, you guessed it, "Randolph St."!
Others are, of course, Commerce St for 2nd St, Park St. for 5th St.

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Thanks to Jeff Sanders for his response, re "Roanoke Jct."

The several recent posts to the List which have used "Roanoke Jct" as a moniker for the Randolph St/Passenger Station area just made me wonder if the N&W/NS was using that nomenclature these days, and what changes might have been made in official nomenclatures since my departure 33 years ago.

-- abram burnett

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