N&W/Southern thru passenger service

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Not to be forgotten, my list friends, is that the Southern ran their three Lynchburg trains well after Amtrak started. Without looking up dates, the Lynchburg Special (the remnant of the Birmingham Special or Tennessean) was cancelled first. The Piedmont, an SR Washington/Atlanta (?) only train was next. The Southern Crescent survived by becoming part of AMTRAK in the fall of '78. The D&RGW was the only (I think)other RR to keep their regularly scheduled passenger trains after AMTRAK.
Charlie Long
Lynchburg, VA

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>Thanks for the answers. I reason I asked was a photo in the new Southern in color V3 was captioned as a southbound train that would be going over the N&W. It was dated for after Amtrak day. So I say the caption is wrong!


>James Wall

>Rural Hall, NC


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