Passenger rail service coming to Roanoke by 2018

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Mayor Bowers: Passenger rail service coming to Roanoke by 2018
Roanoke’s long-wished-for access to passenger rail is on the way, according
to Roanoke Mayor David Bowers. But don't pack your bags just yet.

“You’ll be waiting at the station until 2018,” Bowers added during a
meeting this morning where the Roanoke City Council laid out its
legislative agenda to the local General Assembly delegation.

Bowers said he was told by staff from the Virginia Department of Rail and
Transportation at a recent conference in Williamsburg that Roanoke is next
on the list to get passenger rail service via Amtrak, now that service
between Norfolk and Richmond is about to begin.

But the timeline was a disappointment because it's actually three or four
years farther out than past estimates. And there’s still no promise of a
way to pay for it, the mayor said.


See full Roanoke Times article at following:

No Amtrak for 2014 Roanoke convention but maybe the 2019 convention?

- Roger Link
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