Passenger rail service coming to Roanoke by 2018

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Tue Dec 4 17:34:49 EST 2012

I completely agree. I have yet to see anything disgraceful about
Amtrak, except the way it's underfunded and then maligned for poor
service. Every Amtrak experience I've had has been as pleasant as
possible in the circumstances - which is a LOT more than I can say for
Norfolk Southern. I would much rather have Amtrak than NS when it comes
to running passenger trains.

Now, when it comes to getting 611 back out, I'd love it. I don't
realistically think it'll ever happen, but I'd love it if it did!

Ken Rickman

On 12/4/2012 11:56 AM, NW Mailing List wrote:

> Well, disgrace is a pretty strong word. Amtrak isn't what passenger

> rail service was during the 1950's, but few things are. Personally, if

> I mail voice my opinion, Amtrak has done a lot with hand they were

> dealt, and my wife and I have had many enjoyable trips by Amtrak and

> have been pleasantly surprised by most of the staff & passengers we

> interacted with.

Kenneth Rickman
Salisbury, NC
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