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On Tue, Dec 4, 2012 at 11:26 PM, Ron wrote:

> Mike,


> Take US460 East out of Roanoke to King Street. Turn right then follow King

> Street about 3/4 mile to Berkley Road on the left. Follow Berkley Road

> across the tracks then take an immediate left onto a gravel road. This will

> lead into the soccer fields of Vinyard Park. Follow the road to a parking

> lot. The siding was around the far end of the parking area.


> The area is known to locals as Berkley Bottoms.


Jeff also mentioned this location as the site of Boaz Siding. With two sons
who played traveling soccer, we made a number of visits to this soccer
complex. I seemed to remember that the tracks were pretty close to that
parking lot and there was an embankment of 6 to 8 feet from ground level to
trackside. I couldn't imagine massive trackwork being done when/after the
siding was removed, so I went digging. A 1933 topo map of Roanoke shows a
siding further east, closer to where Gus Nicks Bldv. crosses the tracks. I
put links to Jeff's Google map, a Goggle map of the possible location, a
photo I took at Vinyard of a meet, and the section of the topo map on a web
page for ease of viewing.

See to check out my rapid
research. Perhaps someone closer to that area can check out this location
to determine if the landscape lends itself to space for a siding.

Bruce in Blacksburg
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