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Hello listers.

This discussion makes one wonder how the pusher service worked. Did the pusher crew know what trains were coming or just push everything that showed up? Did they use telephone? or radio? How does the road crew know where to stop a 2 mile long train to clear the switch at the pusher siding? How many trips up the hill could a Y6 make before refueling? How long was the pusher crew's day? What did they do between trains? How much further from Roanoke terminal was the East side pusher?

My apologies for knowing so little about operations.
Ted Goodman

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The location you point out on the map was the location of the Vintonstation. I believe the track you are pointing out is the station track.

The following link shows Boaz Pusher Siding was located at milepost N254which still stands today near the end of the parking lot.

Looking at the site today, it is hard to imagine how a siding waslocated there. The track is located up on a fill and it does not seemwide enough to accommodate another track.

Thanks for the link, it does verify things. I just can't fathom how a siding fit at that location unless there has been some trackwork since then or that bank was cut back in the intervening years. But it is the little things like this that make all of this so interesting.

Bruce in Blacksburg

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