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> I don't know why one of the model manufacturers doesn't do a rugged

> 4-8-0 mechanism

That one's simple. Nobody other than N&W modelers would be interested,
and since the M classes were not glamorous, nobody except serious N&W
fans even knew they existed. Hell, I've been to Strasburg and I had no
idea they existed until many years later, when I started learning more
about N&W steam. Since the 4-8-0 wheel arrangement is one of the rarest
in North America, the mechanism wouldn't be much use to anyone else.

Now, the Ms and several of Southern's Consolidations shared the ~57"
wheel diameter, there might be more demand for a decent x-8-x
mechanism. The exact wheel spacing probably wouldn't be right for one
or the other, but it would still be better for all than what's available
right now.

Kenneth Rickman
Salisbury, NC
Reality has a well known liberal bias - Stephen Colbert

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