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Mon Jan 28 13:56:31 EST 2013

I have the Diagrams of Standard Locomotives from the N&W. It provides 3
configurations of the M class and 3 configurations of the M2 and M2c class.
The drawings show the basic dimensions and information. I will be glad to
share them with you. Contact me at crsledge @ charter.net.

Skip Sledge
Have a nice day - It is much better than a bad one!

As a big fan of the N&W 4-8-0's I was wondering if any high quality
engineering, or line drawing's (ala Mainline Modeler) exist.
I really don't have the skills to do THAT good of a job, if I end up drawing
up a set as the masters as MLM did.
I'm specifically interested in the M class and the M2c's.
Both sides, variations and tenders is of course asking too much! LOL

Mark Lindsey
y3a at earthlink.net

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