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Virtually no one can effectively proof his own work. Fresh eyes are needed.
Different fresh eyes for facts and for typos, grammar, etc. When proofing is
needed, put up a call on the list.

Craig Close BORHS/C&A Live Steam
Balimer, Merlan
OK: Far West Catonsville
OR: Greater Oella

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Having an editor WITH FRESH EYES is a real luxury . . . especially as
you get older and your brain, eyes, and keyboard don't always stay in
sync. What gets interesting is when you are paraphrasing and the
auto-editing program wants to change the author's original words to
"modern" spellings. I am afraid to re-read some of my stuff. Love
getting a note saying I am stand right were you describe it to be
with my eyes on its ruins a half a mile over in the incorporated part
of the town.

However, we need to stay focused on getting the fact correct as we
can. I had multiple locals swear they knew were x-was, or it was
last used in 19XX, etc. and photo proves them "slightly off."

Thanks for taking your time to write down what you have found. Many
do the research but only a few take the grief and time to publish.

Al Kresse

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