VGN 20078 gondola

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Nos. 22000 - 22099 were G5 class. I couldn't find a direct Virginian source, but this comes from the book "Railroading The Modern Way" by S. Kip Farrington, Jr., page 368. Farrington includes a list of Virginian's coal carrying cars by number series and class.
For those unfamiliar with this book, Farrington has four chapters on the Virginian. Published in 1951 by Coward-McCann, Inc, New York, this is one of a number of books by Farrington, several of which contain Virginian stories.
Jeff Sanders

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Attempting to ID what I think is a VGN battleship gondola. Road number 20078, capacity is 210000. Can't read anything else in the photo. Guessing its a G4 something. Can someone id class of this car??

- Roger Link
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