Mining machine near Eckman?

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Mon Feb 18 10:35:52 EST 2013

Hey guys,
The other year while driving along the Pokey on US 52, I passed an old
mine buggy locomotive thing. It was low clearance, and was on rails. It
was at the west end of one of the towns, but I can't remember where. I
would have stopped at the time to get a photo of it but it was raining
at the time. The past two times I have been out that way I have looked
for it but have missed it somehow. I know it was still there in January
as while I was driving one of my passengers saw it (yet I didn't), but
it was covered with snow.

Can anyone tell me for sure where it is? I will be back out that way the
end of March and plan to stop and shoot it.


Nathan Simmons
trainman51 at

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