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The N&W had stands like the "Robertson" stands but they were constructed of
wood and had metal holders for the hoops. I personally know there was one
of these at Burkeville just west of the station and only on the westbound
track. You had to hold the hoop yourself should you have an order for an
eastbound. There was one of these also at Farmville but that was removed
before I ever worked there. I only used the 'Y' hoops. There
were some of the circular ones still at some stations, but they weren't
used during my time on the N&W.

Bill Mason
There was also one of these stands at N.S. Junction - Norfolk. Rather than deliver orders at
Lamberts Point, westbounds received orders at "NS" giving the dispatcher extra time to
transmit bulletin orders and make last minute changes while the trains doubled-out.

The "Y" shaped hoop I have was manufactured by the Hi Speed Order Delivery Fork Co.
at Shelbyville, IN. One word of caution Skip -- when delivering orders, the clip holding
the string is supposed to be positioned away from the approaching train. If not, you'll come
pretty close to snatching the receiver off the train. I bet Landon never made that
mistake. I did.
Harry Bundy

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