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I would use the term ‘gantlet’, but there have been many discussions about the terminology. It appears that the continuation is a single track. That would make this a slightly more complex entry to a gantlet situation, but if the gantlet is long, it would save on rail.

Why this approach, tho? There is not enough separation on the near end for trains to pass; so the tracks will have to spread farther in a short distance. Perhaps there was a restricted width in a cut approaching the gantlet? But if so, why not just merge to the gantlet sooner.

Is there a switch mechanism on the far end? There appears to be something sticking out to the left. If not a switch, oncoming traffic ain’t got much choice except down the middle. And Gordon’s original question appears to have been “Why do that?”

My guess is that it doesn’t have anything to do with a gantlet just because it looks as tho it does. Maybe it is a crazy streetcar thing.

Someone once said “What a puzzlement”.

Craig Close BORHS/C&A Live Steam

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Looks like a "double gauntlet" to me......if such a thing existed.

Brian Gilleran

Herndon, VA

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This image has appeared repeatedly in a switch manufacturer's ad in various railroad trade journals. It appears to offer three different routes through it. Can anyone explain where such a switch would be used?

Gordon Hamilton

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