Roanoke weekend

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Mon Apr 22 09:44:03 EDT 2013

The wife agreed to go to Hotel Roanoke for our anniversary trip and I did not argue!!
'Of course it would not be an 100% railfan trip!!
Saturday I only caught one train on film, a Herzog ballast train through the glass of the enclosed bridge:

Sunday we made a trip up the Christiansburg District first a couple at Montgomery Tunnel
Not positive about the symbols but first an empty auto rack train that I heard as 25G:

Then a heavy Stack train maybe 236?

Went to Christiansburg and caught 22A?

The whole idea was to catch 23G, but not knowing the territory I got lost and when I finally found Vickers, 23G was by me! So I made a mad dash on I-81 for Salem and was able to barely catch it at the Salem sewage plant!!

Was the best I could do, but I would like to go back!!!

Walter Gay
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