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On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 8:26 PM, Jimmy wrote:

"In the early years the

> locomotives were fueled directly from the mines from small coaling

> trestles."


> Alex,

> That really doesn't answer the question: "How was it delivered/divided up

> for its own usage, and where delivered to? "

> The sun doesn't rise and set on the Pokey Div.


While the source is still up for discussion, the destination(s) is
reasonably clear. There was some type of coal wharf in the various
terminals (Norfolk, Lynchburg, Roanoke, Bluefield, Williamson, et al) in
the early days. Hoppers loaded with coal were delivered and the coal moved
to tenders in a variety of manners (direct discharge from an overhead
trestle, loaded into a silo then dumped, etc.). There are two examples of
on-line facilities with overhead trestles at Dwight and Vicker. Later
facilities (some still standing) were large concrete structures with lifts
to move the coal from a bin the hoppers emptied into up into the silo.

As to the source, I do recall seeing photos of the bucket system to move
coal at Williamson with details of the company mine. A check of the
archives turns up at least one photo that shows the coal wharf and buckets,
see <> There may also be
buried in various annual reports information about coal purchases for
in-house use.

Bruce in Blacksburg
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