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Mon May 6 13:42:40 EDT 2013

This is an early reminder and heads up that next year, 2014, the
Harrisonburg train show is changing locations to Fishersville, near
Waynesboro, VA, about 25 miles south of the Rockingham County fairgrounds
where the show has been held for all these years.

I'm mentioning this NOW so we can remember it (even if only a little), and
when we get closer to the actual event, you won't be totally surprised.
More details as we get a lot closer to the actual date, which is slated to
be on the same weekend in May.

The Augusta County Railroad club will be taking it over from the local
club; that is the reason for the change of venue.

Closer for some, farther for others than where it has been.

This past year and for the past, who knows how many years, the C&O and N&W
HS have been represented there.

Bob Cohen
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