823 with 2 EMD's

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Fri May 10 12:37:57 EDT 2013

This morning 825 came by on a 10mph slow order as I started my walk, and there was something coming east. After 825 cleared the eastbound called "Clear Crater 838!"

A coal train! so I figured I'd have time to get to the tracks as he negotiated the slow order. But a couple light engines popped under the bridge?? What the…Heard him call 838 again at Poe, strange since 838 is a coal train for the power plant at Gilmerton??

Anyway, I heard the maintainer lift the slow order at Crater and that 823 was running belt line so I got into position by the bridge and was rewarder with ann EMD duo that sounded great!! Turn the volume up for this one!!! LOL


Walter Gay
waltrail1 at verizon.net

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