Glenvar Helpers and Elliston Helpers

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Mon May 20 12:13:10 EDT 2013

I was not recording interviews at the time, but recall Bill Harman telling
of helpers for WB movements stationed at Elliston, Radford and Lurich.
Helpers for EB movements were stationed at Lurich, Belspring, and Vicker.
Bill was a gentleman and great resource.

Grant Carpenter

> Date: Mon, 13 May 2013

> Some years ago I posted to the list a question about Glenvar and Elliston

helpers. There was no response at that time, so I'll re-post the question.


> Tom Kegley, a 1906 hire Radford Division Engineman told me that when he

hired helpers were stationed at both Glenvar and Elliston. The normal
procedure was for the Glenvar helper to assist westward trains as far as
Elliston, then cut off and return to Glenvar. At Elliston, the Elliston
helper(s) would couple on and assist westward trains to Christiansburg.



> Bill Harman gave an additional piece of information that may come into

play here. His father told him that, in the 1880s, engines were serviced at
Salem. I'm wondering if these might have been the Glenvar helper engines.


> Has anyone found any information that might elucidate these matters?


> -- abram burne

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