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Harry -

How’s about posting a photo of that panel? I’d love to see it, also the ones from Christiansburg, Arthur and Elliston . . .


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This may help. The former US&S traffic control panel from Bluefield
to Narrows is in my basement. The 361.7 (or is it 361.9 ?) signal on the
Radford pull-in has a dark target meaning it isn't controlled. West of
that point, the pull-in is not signaled. Here's something I learned the
hard way on the Madison District (ex-NKP). Can't find the applicable
rule, but the last signal you get leaving signaled territory is a RESTRICTING.

A real shame the pull-in isn't signaled beyond that point. Westbounds
usually take the pull-in and stop to swap crews near Grant Street. In
October, 1970, I was sent to Bluefield to investigate a complaint about
train order delivery. One night about 9:00 PM, an mty train was
climbing the pull-in when light units from a Clinch Valley job entered
the track directly in front of the mty train near Belcher Street. The
engineer on the hopper train "big-holed" the brake and slack rippled
through tossing the conductor against the door handle of the caboose.
He was in the hospital for almost a year. Always safety conscious, the
big question unfortunately turned to who would bear the the injury --
the Radford Division or the Pocahontas Division ? It depended on
where the caboose stopped. Harry Bundy

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