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Many thanks for this.

It strongly suggests that Rural Retreat was no longer in active (passenger or freight) railway use by 1970, and perhaps by 1968 ..... conditional stops being I assume stops on request either by passengers on the train or those waiting who would flag down the train to board.

It would be good to have a date confirmed, but the mid-point 1969 is probably as good as any to pick with a degree of confidence.

All the best and thanks again

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>Can anyone advise the year if not the precise date that Rural Retreat closed for passenger service use and/or all railway purposes?


>By 1970 (and maybe before then) Marion became the governing agency for Rural Retreat.

>Translated, that means the agent at Marionwas responsible for billing freight shipments

>to and from Rural Retreat.  The public timetable for 4/28/68 shows that Nos. 41, 42, and 18

>would make conditional stops at Rural Retreat.  By October, 1970, Southern Railway no

>longer provided a connection with the N&W trains.  In other words, passenger service

>terminated at Bristol.  In November, 1970, passenger service was down to one train each

>way and no stop was made at Rural Retreat.  I don't believe the remaining service lasted

>until May 1, 1971.  In early November of 1970, I had to ride Roanoke to Bristol for an

>assignment there.  The train--one GP9, abaggage car and a coach arrived with ONE

>revenue passenger who was transferring to bus to get to his final destination. 



>I take it that this would have been no later than the takeover of passenger services by Amtrak at which point of course N&W  Railway bowed out completely from passenger services on their own account let alone providing house room for Amtrak.


>On May 1, 1971 and for a timethereafter, N&W provided passenger service 5 days a week

>fromOrland Park, IL to Chicago.  Known on the Decatur Division as "The Poor Boy",  the

>crew would leave Decatur early on Monday mornings, layover at Orland Park on work

>days, and bring the train back to Decatur for service on Friday nights.  Eventually, the

>City of Chicago bore the expense of the commuter train.   Harry Bundy




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