1903 Wreck on the Pumpkin Vine

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We had a lady visit the archives some months ago looking for
information on a wreck that her grandfather was killed. She was in
her 90's at the time and had been searching for info for many years.
Dave Stephenson and I looked for something on this for several
months. The only thing she knew was the location Winston Salem
District. The only wreck we could find for this date was listed at
Bridge 1813 on the Shenandoah Division. After checking the track
charts we found Bridge 1813 at Wright's Siding.

We found the following:
Wrecked Extra 549 and Extra 553 with no 45 head end collision Bridge
1813 near Wright's Siding on W/S Shen Div on Jan. 24, 1903.

I have some more information with names etc. but will have to do some
searching. Perhaps Dave can remember.

Jim Blackstock

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