Shenandoah Div Cab Signals (was Shenandoah Division Steam Locomotives)

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> The entire cab signal system on the N&W was removed from service in

> April 1956.

An odd thing about this is that later on, when a lot of foreign
units with cab signals began showing up on the Roanoke District due to
pooling power, it was not unusual for a train with one of these foreign
units on the head end to trip the ATC, putting the brake on the train.
Conrail and UP units where the main culprits. Odder still was that it
could occur anywhere along the line between Roanoke and Shenandoah. The
one place where it did occur more frequently than others was on the
westbound mainline between Henry St. and Park St.
Nobody ever told us why this might be happening and I don't know if
anyone ever looked into the cause in any depth. Even today, some cab
signal equipped NS units will not run on the Valley over a speed of
12-15 mph without the cab signals being manually cut out. Most do, but,
some don't.

Jimmy Lisle
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