What's in a name?

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Thu Jan 16 17:52:28 EST 2014

Controlled signals were designated by their control lever number on the TC
panel, but train crews and operators/dispatchers referred to both
controlled and automatic signals by location name. Also used were street
names, track names and that of other railroad features--whatever became
commonly used over time, although I'm not aware of an official list of
signal names until later with NS.

Grant Carpenter

> Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2013


> Intermediate signals were designated by mile number (to the tenth), but

> this was not the case with control points/interlockings. Did all control

> points/interlockings have names. In many cases the names of nearby

> communities were used but I don't believe this to have been true in all

> instances.

> How were these points names?

> Jim Cochran

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