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Back to the subject, the intermediate (or automatic signals as we call

> them in N&W lingo) had names in most cases because they had at one

> time been located at a siding. The names remained after the sidings

> were removed and the signals were reconfigured to work automatically

> instead of by dispatcher control. That is the reason that many of the

> old signals were staggered. That in itself is a very lengthy subject

> and I won't get into the complexity of it.


> In many other cases, there's a name on the track chart that

> corresponds to that location. The names can come from anywhere I

> guess is what I'm saying.


​There used to be a signal on the Radford Division for eastbounds at​
N-275, just about behind the old Wilson's Restaurant on U.S. 11/460 east of
Elliston. It apparently was a holdout signal for Singer, stopping trains in
advance so they wouldn't have to try to start on the 0.699 upgrade leading
up to the crossovers there. There was a companion westbound signal at
N-274.4. When there was a mention of this location on the radio, N&W crews
referred to it as "Tyart Hill." I believe it was Grant who finally found
someone who both explained how that signal worked (it didn't seem to fit
any standard) and that the area was actually "Tie Yard Hill" due to some
long-ago tie cutting operation that existed there in a distant past.

Bruce in Blacksburg
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