McMullin, Virginia

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Fri Jan 17 21:47:13 EST 2014

Here's the information I have on McMullin, Virginia located at
milepost NB368 between Seven Mile Ford and Marion, VA.

Semaphore signals installed 1918.
Retired Telegraph Office 1929.
Retired shelter shed 1940. (the old passenger shed)
Extended passing siding, installed position light signals, installed
slide fences west 1947.
Relocated signals and retired passing siding 1958.
This came from an official document that I was allowed to look at a
few years ago.

Now, the spelling listed on wikipedia for La Fayette McMullin shows
his name spelled with an “E” instead of an “I” as it is listed on
county and railroad records. I need to visit the cemetery where he is
laid to rest and see how its spelled on his stone. That should clear
up the spelling issues.

Ben Blevins

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