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I was reading the article in the new Arrow about N&W's model
railroad. I would like to make something perfectly clear. Reading the
caption to the photo on page 9, it should say "Photos courtesy of Jimmy
Lisle, N&WHS Archives collection". Even though "Tony Cook, Editor, Model
Railroad News" is credited at the top of the page, the way the page is
laid out, it could be easily overlooked and one may assume that the
blurb at the bottom of the page was written by me. _/All of the blurbs
are none of my doing! /_
Further more, I do not agree with Mr. Cook's assumption that the
steam locos were not brass. If memory serves me correctly, the N&W
provided plans to a top Japanese brass model manufacturer to make the A,
J and Y6b locomotive models. In fact, Voyce Glaze, who years ago gave me
the photos used in this article (maybe he should have been the one to
receive the photo credits), also provided me with a copy of the Y6b
plan, which I believe is the same as the one published in the old
"Norfolk and Western Steam The Last 25 years" book. I also seem to
remember conversations my father had with the men operating the layout
in downtown Roanoke's Hospitality Center during one Christmas season
that the locos were brass models made in Japan. So, I have to ask why
was Mr. Cook asked to comment on the photos rather than first asking the
N&WHS members for any known information?
I also have to question why page 9 was laid out the way it was,
being that the Virginian model railroad topic spilled over onto a page
and underneath a totally separate title at the top of the page, picture?

At one time this layout was in the garage at my father's house as
it was being restored and cared for by members of the Roanoke Valley
Model Railroad Club. It was displayed at Hotel Roanoke during an NMRA
Convention in the late 70's. Its journey after I left the club in the
late 70's is for someone else to tell. I do know who owns it now, but
due to privacy, I'll leave it up to that person to come forward on their
own. I have, however, sent word by messenger that there is interest.

Sincerely yours,
Jimmy Lisle
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