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I have just received my "Arrow" and would like to comment on the article about Norfolk and Western's model railroad.

Jimmy Lisle and Skip Sledge have provided drawings and photos which shed additional light on N&W's HO layout. I saw this layout as a 9 year old when my father took me to the City of Roanoke Diamond Jubilee in June 1957. Seeing the sketch of the proposed layout dated February 21, 1957 is proof that it was first conceived for the Diamond Jubilee. The N&W and Virginian layouts were displayed at Victory Stadium as part of an industrial exhibit.

The steam locomotive models built by George Stock were indeed of brass construction. He was known for his "made to order" custom models. A friend of mine who visited Stock in the 1950's described to me how he built the mechanisms as well. I did a web search for George Stock and could only find his name on a Model Railroader magazine listing of people significant to the hobby. Stock was listed as being an HO pioneer in the 1930's, and as a custom locomotive builder. In the 1970's I saw an N&W K1 by Stock for sale in a Baltimore hobby shop. It looked very good to me and was priced at $150. That figure was above what most brass imports sold for at that time. Still, I wish I had bought it. I'm sure it was one of a kind. I agree that the passenger cars on the layout are by American Beauty Lines. But I'm skeptical that they had paper sides. All the American Beauty kits/cars I have seen have metal sides and wood floors and roofs. However, in the WW II period some model builders used paper or card stock as a substitute for metal.

I thought N&W's layout was of remarkable quality, but the Virginian' was not its equal. N&W spent no small amount of money to build their layout. I was surprised that it was largely built in company shops. I would be interested in comments from others who may remember the events at the Diamond Jubilee. I still have the program book.

--Rick Morrison

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I have a copy of the original sheet describing the layout and have attached
a copy of the front of it. It clearly states that the locomotives were
custom built by George Stock, Philadelphia, PA and Tenshodo, Japan.

Skip Sledge
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