Jeff Sanders left me question-less ... incredible!

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Mon May 12 16:18:39 EDT 2014

Jeff Sanders responded to my series of questions about the new track alignment at Roanoke and ended his note by saying:

>>> Hope I haven't confused the issue! <<<

Confused the issue? ... Haaaa! Jeff, you have so well answered my questions that -- probably to the amazement of some who know me -- you have left me absolutely QUESTION-LESS! As opposed to confused, Jeff's reply was incredibly clear and all encompassing regarding my wonderment.

Not only did he well cover my inquiry, but he gets extra credit for spelling out the uses of the tracks that came off what I called a 'yard switch.' I had been wondering if the track ran to the turntable for quick loco 180's. I did not think to ask that in my first post and Jeff in as much said "no" when he said it went to my track C.

So, thanks a bunch, Jeff ... I really appreciate it. The only thing I now wonder about this new track alignment is, "Who will be the first model railroader to model it ... right down the short signals?"

And 'nice job' to Ron Davis for all the pix and to all the designers and workers who put it all together. It looks great. I need to get up there next year just to see the smokin' 611 come up from Winston-Salem and traverse three of those crossovers ... sash-shaying all the way over to the last track. Fine times ahead ... Bob

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