N&W Insulators: Any Brookfields?

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Tue May 13 13:01:10 EDT 2014

Anyone on the N&W List know if any Brookfield glass insulators have been found on the old N&W or VGN?

Brookfield was the premiere manufacturer of telegraph and signal insulators from the 1860s through 1923. They are the ones who first put threads on the inside of insulators, so that the insulator could be screwed onto the pin rather than just pressure fitted.

All I ever recall seeing on the 'W was Hemingrays and Lynchburgs, but there must have been Brookfields at one time. (Brookfield was located in New York and New Jersey; Hemingray's plant was in Muncie, Indiana. You get three guesses as to where the Lynchburg factory was located...)

If anyone has N&W or VGN Brookfields, can you give a "CD" (consolidated design) number for the type of insulator, as indexed on the Insulator Collectors' website at this link? http://www.insulators.info/general/styles/

-- abram burnett

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