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When this locomotive arrives in Roanoke & is placed on  display there will 
be 9 railfans from Otterbein United Methodist Church, in  Hagerstown, MD 
coming for a few days & nights to visit the 2 rail museums.  Our suit cases are 
packed - tell us when you are ready for us to head south  on I-81.
Terry Marshall
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I highly doubt that anyone is giving serious consideration to  restoring 
the Y6a.  

611's restoration, upkeep on maintenance, funding, logistics and manpower  
will keep VMT plenty busy.

Just the fact that an agreement to loan the Y6a for five years should be  
one of the biggest preservation related stories in the past few years.

I for one applaud the efforts of both museums to come to this  agreement.

Jeff Lisowski

"Sic Semper Tyrannis!"  

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