Big Stoney RR - Waitesville Incline

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> Can anyone give me coordinates for the head and foot of the Waitesville
inclined plane, where the Big Stoney RR ("Potts Valley Branch") met the
lumbering operations of the Tri-State Co. ?   The old plane is not obvious
in the satellite imagery.

This should get you about where the bottom was: 37.463497, -80.409751
A guess that this is the other end: 37.443559, -80.400015 Top of the
ridge is at 37.458707, -80.406409

Looking at the Google map satellite view, there is a definite groove
that shows up, but I can't confirm that is the actual location. One
hint is the 1932 topo map that shows the recently abandoned line and
the plane.

Bruce in Blacksburg

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