2156 - a big 1/4 mile !

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Mon Jul 21 17:53:32 EDT 2014

At 1:10 pm today, the St. Louis MOT's Alco switcher coupled to the 
tender of 2156 and
moved the loco /tender from its display position to a new location, 
past the restoration
shop, into the southeast corner of the property.  Both sides of the 
loco will be accessible
while NS prepares it for the move east.  Took 45 minutes at very slow 
speed; good news,
all wheels stayed on the rails.  Most of the noise was track and 
roadbed; heard no ugly
metal on metal sounds.  Give thanks to Coby Ellison (museum 
curator/engineer) and Ace
Eaton (mechanic/brakeman) for a clean move.  Photos will follow.

Jerome Crosson; NWHS; formerly NJ, now St Peters MO.

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