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We are not able to sell you a copy of drawing NW 10129 at this time.

NW 10129 is a designation the railroad assigned to civil engineering 
drawings. This information was entered by one of our volunteers 12 
years ago. Unfortunately no information was entered to tell us where 
this drawing is stored in our collection.

We have so far cataloged over 99,000 items in our collection. 
Unfortunately this covers only about a third of the collection. So 
there are large portions of the collection that remain to be 
organized and cataloged.

Over half of the collection cataloged to date consists of mechanical 
drawings from the Motive Power department. We used the N&W's existing 
numbering system to store, catalog and locate drawings in this part 
of the collection. As nearly all of the collection consisted of 
Motive Power drawings in the early days, this system worked well.

As the collection grew, we began to get more drawings and other 
documents which were not from the Motive Power department. The 
numbering system the N&W used for civil engineering drawings of 
track, bridges, stations and other structures was found to be totally 
unusable as a locator system for the Archives. After three years of 
discussion and experimentation by the Archives committee we developed 
our own method for identifying, storing, cataloging and locating 
non-Motive Power department drawings. Thus we began using the "HS" 
(Historical Society) series in 2012 and have cataloged nearly 6,000 
drawings so far using this method.

The HS series continues to evolve as extensions to the series were 
made this summer to accommodate large drawings over 72" wide that 
cannot be stored flat in our flat-file drawers.

The systems for storing and locating items in the Archives continues 
to evolve. A new series was added to cover large photographs and 
posters over 8"x10" which needed to be stored in a different manner 
from the rest of the photograph collection. An increasing variety of 
negative sizes and formats is leading to changes in that area as well.

These decision are not made lightly or hastily. Making a wrong 
decision can result in many wasted volunteer hours and headaches for 
keepers of the collection many years in the future.

As we work through the remainder of the collection, NW 10129 will be 
discovered once again, but this time it will be cataloged and filed 
so that it will not be lost again.

Ron Davis

At 06:15 PM 8/15/2014, you wrote:
>Hi Folks
>is it possible to be able to purchase drawing no NW 10129 which is a 
>track chart for the Island Yard in Lynchburg. The drawing is listed 
>but is not priced in the archives
>Thanks and regards

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