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Main track centers on tangent (TCt) were 13' apart, later 14' (post-war) 
and wider in curves. For track centers on curves (TCc) in British TT 
(3mm) scale, try TCc = TCt + (5000 / R), where R is the inside track 
radius (all terms in millimeters).

Grant Carpenter
On 8/16/2014 9:32 AM, NW Mailing List wrote:
> Bit more help please chaps if anybody can oblige. What is the minimum 
> distance between tack centers on mainline double track
> Thanks and regards
> Richard
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> The standard tie spacing on centers was 19-1/2" for main, heavy 
> branch, switching, and engine running tracks; 21-1/2" for light 
> branch, switching, and engine running tracks, and heavy passing 
> sidings and yard tracks; 23-3/4" for light passing sidings and yard 
> tracks, and heavy industrial, shop, and storage tracks; 26-3/4" for 
> light industrial, shop, and storage tracks; and 30-1/2" for station 
> sidings, unimportant spurs, etc. (L-168, 1946)
> Standard ties measured 9"W x 7"H x 8-1/2'L (L apparently minimum, not 
> nominal).
> Switch ties measured 9"W x 7"H and were cut in 6" intervals from 9' to 
> 16'L . Headblock ties varied from about 11-1/2' to 14-1/2'L, depending 
> on the machine.
> Bridge ties measured 10" x 10" x 10'L (or longer where needed) on 15" 
> centers. (L-50, 1943)
> Grant Carpenter
> ---
> On 7/27/2014 1:57 PM, NW Mailing List wrote:
>> Hi folks
>> Can somebody tell me the standard tie spacing on N&W  130lb rail 
>> please together with actual size of N&W rail ties. I am trying to do 
>> a small TT scale project with handlaid track and need sizes to get it 
>> right. I have ordered some drawings from the archives but I am too 
>> impatient to wait for them to arrive in the UK
>> Thanks and regards
>> Richard

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