Update for the Y6

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Sat Aug 23 11:54:10 EDT 2014

Hi Listers:  More progress has been made.  Unfortunately, I was not 
there to observe and
photograph.  Had emergency surgery yesterday to repair detached retina, 
went well.

MOT curator Coby Ellison let me know the rods on the engineer's side 
were dropped and
the next short move is into the restoration building, to use the pit 
for work underneath.  The
NS mechanic estimates ready for the journey east near the end of 
September.  I will have
recovered by then and hope to watch and photograph the departure.  Will 
continue effort
to get a copy of the routing and timing for the trip back to Roanoke.  
Stay tuned.

Jerome Crosson; NWHS; formerly NJ, now St. Peters MO.

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