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There are not many station drawings for all of the reasons you list and more.

One thing to understand is that most stations were constructed using 
a number of standard designs.

The station at Farmville, VA is notable in that it was the first of a 
family of First Class stations all built to a standard design. The 
drawings for the Farmville station were also used for a number of 
other stations such as Luray and Charlestown, WV.

There is also a set of drawings for Second Class stations that were 
built at smaller towns.

The same standard drawings would be used to show basic design and 
construction methods to be used. Based on traffic at a given station, 
the freight and passenger areas would be enlarged or reduced from the 
"standard" size to match the demand.

Archives link to first class stations

Archives link to second class stations

These were not the only standard designs used for stations on the N&W.

So to answer your question, there is not a set of drawings for the 
Marion station specifically as it was built from a set of standard 
drawings that were used for many stations using that same design.

Ron Davis

At 02:50 PM 11/11/2014, you wrote:
>While passing through Marion, Va. recently, I noticed the passenger 
>station right off of Main St. What a beautiful station that is! 
>Searching the archives turns up but one photo and no elevation 
>drawings. This would be a nice station to model if one only had some 
>plans. This is not the only station that there seems to be no plans 
>available. Which brings me to the question, are the station plans in 
>the archives and just haven't been cataloged or do they exist and we 
>don't know where they are or are station plans something we just 
>don't have and are lost forever?
>Jimmy Lisle
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