Railroads in natural resource buffer zones

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Hi Warren, You might want to consider the Eastern Regional Coal Archives:

Jerry Kay, Portsmouth, VA

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> I am undertaking research on railroads and their social and economic
> impact in natural resource buffer zones (zones with or near considerable
> natural resources) focusing on the central Appalachian mining areas of West
> Virginia.   And also trying to determine if there is a museum or
> documentation center which would want to receive my already very
> considerable book and document collection on this subject, when I finish my
> own intended publications.   I also have considerable material for a
> comparative study of the Costa Rican-Panamanian border area and am
> identifying a possible third comparative region in Chile.  I will be
> Amtraking from Miami to New England in March, and would like to visit the
> museums and documentation collections which have the most information on
> this subject and/or might be most interested in receiving my collection,
> and will greatly appreciate suggestions or recommendations in this regard.
> After working in 39 countries for the United Nations, teaching in 22
> universities and residing several decades in Costa Rica, much of my work in
> transport, I have become quite concerned about the dominant paradigms of
> the international organizations regarding investments in transport
> infrastructure and services, and wish to make a critical analysis of the
> historical impact of this public and private investment.
> Warren Crowther
> warren13 at racsa.co.cr
> Costa Rica
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