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ROANOKE, Va. – Norfolk Southern today announced that it will close its
> Roanoke office building at 110 Franklin Road SE later this year and
> relocate the functions currently housed there to Atlanta or Norfolk.

​It appears the "Southern-ization" of the N&W is just about complete :-(
 Other than Virginia Division management and some supervisors at the shops,
are there any other white-collar/management jobs left in Roanoke? How much
is left in Bluefield and Southwest Virginia?

Given that the Roanoke Yard is sitting empty and growing weeds, what are
the chances that it could become the intermodal terminal that has long been
planned (but not completed) for Elliston? After all, the railroad already
owns the land, there are tracks in place (with some configuration changes
necessary), and a lack of the opposition that exists for the Elliston site.
Given the current situation, it would seem to make sense to take advantage
of existing excess capacity rather than continue to spend money to acquire
land, grade it, and build the entire infrastructure to support the transfer
of containers on and off trains.

It will be interesting to see how all this plays out, as Roanoke becomes a
one-horse (Carilion) town  . . .

Bruce in Blacksburg
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