Maher & Needles

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Thu Jan 29 11:18:26 EST 2015

I have two questions. 

(1) How did they get Mr. Needled from a 4PM funeral service in Roanoke to an 11AM burial in Baltimore? That's a rather tight schedule to do by train (and most caskets traveled by rail in those days.) Did he move by "motor transport"? 

(2) Where was Mr. Maher's home, 1134 Commerce St NW, Roanoke, located?  Commerce St is now called "2nd Street" (by some, at least, but not by us purists.) A check of Mapquest shows that the northern portion of old Commerce St may now be known as "Gainsboro Road" and places this address just south of Orange Avenue. BingMaps, however, places the address near the corner of Madison Avenue. The two locations are better than 500 feet apart. So... Where was his home located, and what happened to it? 

-- abram burnett, 
who fears not to look for needles in haystacks 

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