"Palace Coup" Which Ousted Pevler

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Never heard that HHP had a successor-designate, but he might have.  What concerned the N&W crowd, mainly Redman and Fishwick as I recall, that HHP was leading the N&W astray, so to speak, and was well over 65 and had gotten the Board to OK his staying on; he liked being President and showed no signs of wanting to retire.  After Fishwick and Redman convinced the Chairman of the Board (word was that that meeting occurred on the Southern Railway corporate plane; they couldn’t use the N&W plane without tipping HHP off) that HHP had to go, he came to work one morning and the porter told him that his office wasn’t there, any more; it was over at Hotel Roanoke.
The rest is history.  

Anyway, that’s the way I heard it.


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Another railroad list today carried a post which mentioned the N&W's "palace coup of 1970," which ousted Pevler and brought Fishwick back from the D&H to Roanoke as President of the railroad.  The intimation was that the coup occurred when Pevler let it be known  he was recommending someone from outside the N&W as his replacement in the president's chair.

What were the details, and who were the players?  And whom did Pevler intent to recommend?

-- abram burnett

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