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Since no one has replied to your request, let me share the information I
have. The N&W and CRR bridges between Boody and St. Paul cross Lick Creek
and are part of the wye that forms the interchange between the two
railroads . The N&W bridge is bridge number 1389.  According to the chart
on page 34 of the Clinch Valley book by Alex Schust and Mason Cooper, that
bridge was modified in 1910, and it is a 166 foot long, 3 span deck plate
girder bridge. If you go to Google Maps you can see a good aerial view of
the bridge.  When I visited the site several years ago it was in a heavily
wooded area too difficult to photograph.

I've attached three photos I took of the CRR bridge which also spans the
paved road that connects SR 63 to the N&W Boody Yard.  It is two concrete
arch bridges connected by a girder bridge.  It is easier to photograph, and
the photos are looking south towards the yard.

If you get any other photos of these bridges I would like to see them.

Are you modeling the Clinch Valley District ?  If so, I'd like to see your
track plan.

Paul Mandelkern

Winter Park, Florida




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I need a photo or two of the N&W and Clinchfield bridges over the creek
between Boody and St. Paul.  Anybody have any?

Carl Woods
Richmond, VA
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