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Sun Apr 19 18:57:55 EDT 2015

CNW was always a western reporting mark for the Chicago and North Western.
And the reporting mark is now owned by UP. If you were talking about the
Chesapeake Western their reporting marks were CW.


I agree as I stated NS got use of the PRR reporting mark and CSX the NYC.
I would say the yes the equipment trusts had a lot to do with sub
lettering.  One that was left out and created at the merger was CRN which
was used for Southern's Carolina and North Western.  Carolina and
Northwestern had used CNW and at the merger to clear the NS reporting mark
Southern merged the CNW and NS and used the CRN on locomotives.

Lastly the Southern rests with the N&W as a fallen flag, all that remains
is now Norfolk Southern.

James Wall
Rural Hall, NC
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