Wondering Train Masters

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Post merger, Norfolk Terminal became
the assigned point for Alco RDS-11s,
P&WV FMs, and the VGN H16-44s. At the time
one in three coal trains was yarded at
Sewell's Point and a pair of FM's would
run light from Lamberts Point, pick up
180 cars at Sewell's Point and return.
As time went by, the FMs began to set
right-of-way fires -- something about
their inability to discharge exhaust.
The General Foreman, "Speedy" Bradley,
made an board showing assignment of power.
The FMs were designated as "smokers" and
"non-smokers".  Only the "non-smokers" were
allowed to transfer coal from Sewell's Pt.
to Lambert's Pt.             Harry Bundy    

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