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interesting its NOT BLI,  your making me think who in the market may go 
this direction, I have one or 2 clues, but its all guessing. good luck 
on this endeavor, its a positive direction, perhaps it will bounce more 
interest out there, one step at a time.


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> I thought I should share the results.  We got a significant number of 
> suggestions (mostly tactful, some not)that we clarify which M we were 
> talking to the manufacturer/importer about.  Our discussions hadn't 
> reached that level, as we were simply exploring the possibility of a 
> "low price" N&W 4-8-0.  The results of the survey made it clear that 
> our best bet is the M, specifically the way it looks (tender, 
> fittings, etc.)at Strasburg today.  It is clear to most of our members 
> that some mass-market appeal will, we think, substantially increase 
> the viability of this project.
> I got some comments about getting my M, M-1, and M-2 straighter in my 
> mind.  I don't have it where I want it, but I'm a lot closer than I 
> was two weeks ago (thank you, again, and as always, Col. Jeffries and 
> Harold Davenport).
> We got a good number of "You should do the M in a version with 
> variations, especially tenders"; we're going to pass that on, but the 
> cost-effectiveness of that will be determiend by the 
> manufacturer/importer.
> We got a good number of "Instead of an M you guys should do []".  
> We're listening to all of that, but some are probably less likely than 
> others.  I'd like an LC-2, but I'm not holding my breath.
> And, we got a surprising number of "at that price I'd be interested in 
> one or two".  I'm quite pleased we did this.
> We forwarded the results and constructive suggestions to the 
> manufacturer/importer.  We've been asked to keep "his" name quiet for 
> the time being.  It's not Broadway, but we're looking at that type of 
> model with that level of quality and in that price ballpark.  We will 
> keep you posted as to what happens next.
> For those of you who replied with expressions interest and 
> constructive suggestions/comments/cirticism, thank you.
> Frank Bongiovanni, NWHS Modeling Committee

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