Class J Shoppings After Jan 1956

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All J’s were shopped annually from 1945 to the steam’s end.  Every two years they were given a Class 3 shopping that included new flues and the shop schedules showed they were getting about 300,000 miles between these Class 3 repairs.  In between years they were given a Class 5 shopping.  I have most shop schedules and they received these repairs until the spring of ‘58 when all classified repairs were stopped because of dieselization.  Every J got shopped about three times after January 1956.

Bud Jeffries

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Odd question, not sure if there is even an answer; 

What would the J Class shopping schedule looked like say from 1956 until their demise. 

Obviously 611 went in for a shopping after its wreck in 1956, but how many other Js received a shopping after that time frame?

Jeff Lisowski


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