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Sun Aug 2 12:24:49 EDT 2015

I was in Portsmouth yesterday and drove along the massive wall on the North
side of the yard.  I assume this was for prevention of damage to the yard
during flooding?  After a long while the wall changed over to the South
side and there were grooves in the ends on both sides that appeared to be
to accommodate a gate of some kind across the tracks.  Several other
openings of this type were present in the South-side wall and from Google
maps it looks like the wall itself ends at the wye.  Does anyone have
information on when the wall(s) were constructed, how the "gates" were put
in place, how often they have been used etc.?  I also noticed several small
brick buildings, one was lettered "station 12".  These has electrical
apparatus outside, so I would guess they had to do with power distribution,
but does anyone have more information on their purpose/use?
Jim Cochran
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