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Re. Your request wanting to know those
who worked for the railroad at Rural
Retreat.  Not sure this fills the 
requirements, but there were two Company
Surgeons listed in a 1923 Radford Divn.
timetable. Not sure how Company Surgeons
were compensated, but in addition to their
regular practice, they did follow-ups on
injured N&W employees and they were on call
in case of railroad emergencies.  Was told
of a Southern physician that was called to meet
the Florida streamliner, Royal Pallm. Seems there
were nauseated passengers that couldn't digest
a not-so-sanitary meal served in the diner.
The names appearing
in the 1923 time table are:
Dr. W. W. Buck and Dr. A. B. Griener.  Dr. Griener
was still appearing in the 1950s time tables.
                                 Harry Bundy  

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